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How to make a basic DoS tool in VB TuT (pictures)(basic VB knowlege needed)

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How to make a basic DoS tool in VB TuT (pictures)(basic VB knowlege needed)

Post by CAMF on Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:13 am

Hey guys this is my tutorial on how to make a basic DoS tool In VB! Very Happy

Ok guys lets get started:

Keywords used:
VB - Visual Basics

Other Hints:
To View the pictures click the long white strips

Programs needed:

Step One:
Open up VB and create a new project name it whatever you want
(Click White Area to view the picture)

Step Two:
Now you should be at the page with your Form
Click it once to view the properties of your forum Text = (name of or DoS tool)
Icon = (picture in top left corner of your forum and on tast bar)

Step Three:
1. Two Buttons
2. WebBrowser
4. TextBox
(all can be found in ToolBox)

Step Four:
Place and name them Like i have them in the picture (click them once to pull up properties to rename them)

Step Five(coding):
Here are the codes:
(double click Them to add codes)



I hope this helped if there is something you dont understand leave a reply to this thread or PM me and i will be sure to help you out



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