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Post by CAMF on Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:46 am

Ok hey guys, i feel like i need to put this out there before anyone joins the site without knowing what they are getting into to. I'm not trying to make it sound like its a BAD idea to join the site. We are a GREY hat forums, we provide you with both sides.
First off i want to explain a couple things.

1. Grey Hat - Hacking in-between Black and White Hat.

2. Black Hat - A hacker, A black Hat is Focused on hacking people.

3. White hat - Focused on anything to prevent hacking i guess you could say? maybe, but they know how to hack but they chose to help fend off hackers.

Back to the subject, There are risks of hacking even if you are under the age of 18, Police are not going to take it easy on you. I'm not going to get into big detail about this but i will say if you do decide to hack here are some tips.

1. Stay low

You don't want to put yourself out there bragging about how your such a good hacker and your so pro. This will probably not end well. Use Proxy's.

2. Don't use real information

Don't be dumb...the most STUPIDEST thing to do is to use your real information, Email, name, address ect. If you get caught you don't want any evidence that it was even you.

3.Know your limits

Know your limits about how far your taking your hacking, if your just starting you don't want to try to find some fancy DDoSer or RAT and go try to mess with random people. If your going to hack someone, know them. Don't just blindly go into it. You dont have to personally know them, but know them. If that makes any sense. :p And Don't try to hack school networks or gov. owned things, it will just end badly.

Here are a few cases of teens getting caught.

Don't be dumb guys! Know what your doing before you do it.


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