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Basics on Hacking

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Basics on Hacking Empty Basics on Hacking

Post by CAMF on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:21 pm

Hey guys in this post i will teach you the basics of hacking. I will Teach you basics like What DoS stands for i have had some people ask me about that. I will also familurize you guys about Basic Coding Languages Related to hacking

Hey Guys! lets get Started!
First off I am Going to answer some of the most asked questions like:

Q1. Where do i start as a new hacker?
A1. Well theres many places to start as a hacker try searching google for basic hacking giudes, or search HF or GHF for beginner giudes on hacking (witch is this so your in the right place Razz)

Q2. Where Can i start learning as a beginner hacker?
A2. From past experience i would say the best place to learn is HF tutorials and Youtube Tutorials I my self Learn better By Watching then reading so i watch alot of video tutorials on hacking.
Looking for someone good on youtube to teach you about haking? Check out the following Channel
Channel link:

Q3. What kind of hacking tools should i start out with?
A3. I would just start with the first basic tool you find:P but that wasnt the question ha so ill just tell you what i started with, I started with a basic DoS program afro becuase i am just so cool like that.

Here are some Languages you should learn if you aim to become a pro hacker:

Visual Basics and .NET Framework

C/C++?Obj-C Programming

Batch, Shell, Dos and command Line Interpreter

Java Language JVM, and the JRE

PHP Development


Assembly language and programming

Perl Programming


Lua Coding

Anymore questions? or somthing else you want to know? PM me or post a reply on this thread.

Thank you


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Basics on Hacking Empty Re: Basics on Hacking

Post by i r god on Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:19 pm

Add and talk about the ending code and PHpBB

i r god

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